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Computer-related Patents

What are Computer-related Inventions ?


Client-Server Systems

Business models etc.

Additional difficulties to get Computer-related Patents


Softwares are often claimed as programs in patent applications. In Japan, "program" is a patentable category as well as computer-readable medium. However, in a specification, it is required to express detailed relationship between the program and hardware such as CPU and memory.

Client-Server Systems

A client-Server System consists of one or more client computers and one or more server computers. Even if you have a patent of a "system" and a 3rd party only uses the client computer in the system, the 3rd party may not infringe the patent. It is important to get patents of (a) the client computers or a program used in the client computers, and/or (b) the servers.

Business models

In Japan, business models/methods without any technical aspects are not patentable. However, a network system that performs a business model/method is patentable.

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