Orb International Patent Law Firm, located in Japan, handles patents and patent applications of computer-related inventions, electronics etc.

Japanese Patent System

Procedures to get a Patent in Japan

1st step: Filing a patent application

2nd step: Filing a request for examination

3rd step: Filing Remarks and/or Amendment if receiving a "Notification of Reasons for Refusal"(i.e. Office Action)

4th step: Pay Patent registration fee if receiving a "Decision to grant a patent"(i.e. Allowance)

Language of applications is Japanese. English applications are acceptable if Japanese translation is filed within 2 months from the filing date.

Request For Examination can only be filed within 3 years from the filing date. No extension.

Requirements of Patentablity

(a) Novelty, (b) Inventive Step, (c) Industrial Applicability, (d) First filing, (e) Without disclosure of the same invention in an other's prior application, (f) Description requirements of Specification

Entry into national stage of PCT application

The entry must be done within 30 months of the priority date. No extension. Japanese translation can be filed within 2 months from the entry date.